S25 Blower

S25 Blower Jackhammer20160912_144343

New, stronger jackhammer for quarrying.

The use of this machine is intended for surface drilling. It is used mostly in quarry mining and civil engineering sites.


  • Bore: 79mm
  • Stroke: 70mm
  • Length: 600mm
  • Mass: 30.4kg
  • Blows: 2000@500kPa
  • Air consumption: 68l/s@500kPa
  • Air connection: 3/4” BPS


S25 Blower jackhammer


  • Spares are readily available for this all new jackhammer.
  • The S25 blower is stronger than the old S21 blower as it is seen in the specifications.
  • Training will be provided along with certification.
  • Our skilled employees will provide technical support.
  • Immediate replacement of failed spares.